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Friday, April 21, 2006

The world on a string...

Until you become a parent, you cannot possibly understand how unimportant everything but your child becomes. She owns us. Don't get me wrong...we absolutely LOVE being beholden to our little Natalie, but I doubt we ever really comprehended the sheer volume of attention she demands. Thank goodness for friends and family, who have stepped up and offered endless love and support (and of course food!). I sure hope our little one learns to use her power wisely.

All three of us are doing great. Natalie had her first Dr's appt yesterday and is progressing as expected. She's gained a little weight - which for a 6lb 9oz baby is not a bad thing at all, and eveything else is just dandy. We've also now joined the legions of new parents in the celebration of poop. Every new poop is a measure of her health and vitality - we would have never guessed that we'd huddle over each dirty diaper to study the color and consistancy of what lies within. Not a pleasant task mind you, but a rewarding one.

The mere fact that I am sharing this should be a sign that we've morphed into parents. Life sure is good.


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