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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gone to the Muppets...

The muppets have taken over (and that rabbit...I don't trust it for a second), but clearly nobody minds. A light moment during a feeding session - hey...gotta find the humor.

Things continue to go very well in Emersonland. We seem to have settled into the rythm of early parenthood. Natalie is what we'd characterize as a "grazer", eating on and off for long periods of time, and then napping for 3 hour stretches at a time. It's tough to have to be up for long feedings, but at least the girl's hungry. Jana's essentially a 24hr 7-11 for Natalie, but she is having a great time bonding during their time together so hasn't found it to be any problem at all.

Natalie is a really calm easy to sooth baby - at least for now - and we're managing to get decent sleep and both feel pretty darn good condsidering. We're really enjoying just spending time with her, getting to know her, memorizing her features, and learning her personality. What fun. It's astounding how fast she's changing! Her face is filling out a bit, her fingers and toes seem to change by the minute. Natalie's also becoming renown for her earth-shaking poops, which of course - per the last post - is something to celebrate.

The things you do for your kids.



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