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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fast Cars Good...

The San Jose Grand Prix was today in...you guessed it.. downtown San Jose. Quite a spectacle. My business partner Bill and I headed down for the morning warmups with our media passes and managed to grab a few decent shots of some very fast cars - here's one example.

I originally did not get my photo pass, so I headed down this am without a good lens to shoot racecars, just so I would have something to shoot with. Happened to walk into the Photographers room just as a few residual photo pass keys were being handed out, and next thing you know I'm next to the track. Happened to see a pro photographer I know who had pity on my wimpy lens and lent me one of his (this was a 70-200 f2.8). It's good to have friends.

Got in 20 minutes of shooting just as Champ car practice was underway, and managed to make it home in time to watch the race itself from the comfort of the couch with my little girl sleeping peacefully on my chest. It was a good day.


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