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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Greetings from Emersonland!

It's been a while, much longer then we intended, but then again, we're new to this adventure and can rarely predict with any accuracy how much we'll accomplish. Alas, external communication is often the victim of our lack of time. Hopefully this will get everyone up to speed on the adventures of Natalie.

First and formost, things are great. Natalie continues to remind us everyday that we are blessed with a truly wonderful child. She's happy virtualy all of the time, complianing only for short periods when either hungry or tired. Easy to handle that sort of clear communication. Even when in a less-then-perfect mood, she's easy to bring to a chuckle, which is terribly contagious and results in all of us laughing.

We've found a fantastic nanny who covers the two days a week that Jana has to work at her internship at Bubb Elementary school and CHAC - the community counseling center where she's working on getting more and more hours toward her MFT. Paola comes from Peru, and is a truly dedicated care giver. She's even taught us a thing or two, and really helped is a lot.

From a developmental standpoint she's now eating "solid" food (pureed veggies) on a regular basis. So far she seems to like everything, and really took to the spoon - as shown. Crawling can only be a matter of weeks (days) away, as she is clearly figuring out what the mechanics of human propulsion are. She's nearly rolled herself over a few times, and will surely succeed very soon. Drawer locks and doorway gates are only a short time away.

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