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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Here comes the sun...

At last it appears that spring has officially sprung. For those of you not hanging off the left edge of the continent, we've had a rather wet and cold winter. Really more of a long drawnout post-xmas wet spell that lasted until mid April. Nevermind...it's beautiful outside!

What better reason to head out on our first real adventure - okay, so adventure is probably a strong way of putting it, but for us, setting foot outside the front door is a big deal. There was a mini art & wine festival downtown this weekend, so we packed the family up (I love the way that sounds) and took a walk to see what all the fuss was about. How fun! Well fun for mom and dad at least. The little one slept the entire way. It was really nice to get out in the world together and get some fresh air.

Last night we went over to MayMay's (Jana's mom) house to have a belated birthday celebration for Jana. In all the hubbub of the baby coming two days prior, her birthday went by without much notice. It was nice to have a little cake and let all the cousins say hi to Natalie.

As you can see Natalie is getting bigger by the second. It's really amazing to see the changes. She's getting a lot more hair, which appears to be a dark blond and on the curly side (big surprise there). She's a gem of a child. Very calm, a great communicator, never cries for more then 5 minutes at a time, and even that would be a long one. She's got great sleeping habits, sometime a little too good, but we sure don't mind. Still means we get 3 hrs at a time on a good night, but we can tolerate that.

We need to give a shoutout to George the Wondercat. Dispite expressing his clear displeasure with the arrival of the new Queen, he's been very good around Natalie. He's really more curious then anything, but we still keep them from getting too close. George would probably curl up next to her if he could. There...now he can't say he's being igonored.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Pictures for days...Whoopie!

Putting up just one or two per post was just not working....so we've put an entire gallery of images up here. It's a chronological journey from the day we entered the hospital until just yesterday. Amazing to look back and realize it's been just over 2 weeks - my how time flies when you're completely captivated. Enjoy!

Life is still great in Emersonland, but boy are we tired. Sleep patterns seem to be the biggest challenge in this brave new world of ours. We're trading middle of the night shifts so that at least one of us is generally sleeping at any given time during the night, but it is still taking it's toll. In the end, we'll probably look back and miss these days a little, but from our current vantage point we're looking forward to some sense of routine.

Love from all of us - JJ&N.