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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Old Fast Cars...Still Good...

Spent last Sunday at the Monterey Historic Auto Races, an annual high class event at Laguna Seca paired with the Pebble Beach Concours. I elected to just go to Laguna as race cars are my passion. Sitting still they don't do a lot for me. I gotta tell you, these rich guys really do flog their priceless machines around that track. Lots of fun to watch.
Missed out on the 60's-70's Trans-Am cars, the real american muscle cars, as well as the vintage F1 cars (they all ran on Saturday, I could only make Sunday) but did manage to see a number of nice vintage FIA-GT cars, some amazing sports racers (open cockpit, closed wheel), and Mini's for days. Cooper was the featured Marque of the event, and they had too many minis rto count, both on the track and off. There had to be 200 late model mini's like mine attending the event. It was a good time.

Also got to see the Toyota F1 car do some hot laps with Ricardo Zonta driving. He's the test driver for Toyota, and managed to shatter the existing track record by more then 2 seconds at 1:06.4 seconds. To give some context, in my old E-Production RX7, which was a very fast car, I could manage a 1:50 on a really good day. In other words he was FLYING!

4 months already...

We passed the 4 month threshold last monday, and although we didn't have a big party to celebrate, we did acknowledge that time is flying by. Seems like just a week or two ago we brought Natalie home with us for good. What a ride.
She's really starting to blossom these days. She's become a lot more vocal, and seems to really enjoy hearing herself make sound. We sure love it. She smiles very easily and even gets into a good chuckle if you get her worked up enough. Too funny.
She's keeping us on our toes, but we're loving the experience. Life continues to be good.
For those that want to keep up, We've created a new photo gallery with a good selection of Natalie pictures, as well as some of Jon's racing photography. You can see the links to the new galleries on the left side menu of this blog.

Until next time...Love JJ&N